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If you’re looking to stock up on the finest sugar, Wholesale sugar suppliers is happy to process your order. We are a global bulk sugar supplier of white and brown sugar for direct use or additions to food products. From our Buriram-based sugarcane mills and manufacturers to the customer’s warehouse, we are dedicated to delivering the best sugar worldwide.

Wholesale Sugar Suppliers has been supplying Icumsa 600-1200, Icumsa 45, Icumsa 100, Icumsa 150, and other sugar varieties since 2002. We currently cover over 50 countries, providing food manufacturers and other facilities with premium-quality raw, fine, and superfine sugar.

Who We are?

Wholesale sugar suppliers & Global Exporters of Raw, Fine & Extra Fine Sugar With a production capacity of 11,000MT cane per day, a significant % of annual refined sugar product. Our production plant is located in Buriram, Thailand.

Wholesale sugar suppliers selectively chooses its bulk sugar sources from Brazilian and Thailand producers. This global network helps secure excellent pricing and reduced time/cost of delivery. Before executing an order, we analyze the buyer’s requirement, stock availability and transit time. We can quote CFR or CNF Laem Chabang Bangkok Thailand, Porto de Santos São Paulo or Nhava Sheva India.

Contact our sales team today for live quote and order your sugar stock today. We Regularly exporting to over 50 countries, including the east African and Latin American countries. Thailand’s biggest sugar producer Wholesale Sugar Suppliers, established in 2002, and proud to say we’re ranked as one of the largest with the highest permission exporter quota company.

Wholesale Sugar Suppliers; your reliable local supplier of raw (Icumsa 600 & 1200), Fine (Icumsa 45), and Extra Fine sugar (Icumsa 100). We have been highly successful based on such a scope of operation also speaks itself of our efficient operation ably supported by excellent logistic facilities of our sales team.

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Ethically sourced and refined bulk sugar for sale

Where the sugar comes from can make a difference in how it tastes and what nutritional value it delivers. As a responsible, excellence-driven supplier, wholesale sugar suppliers only sources sugar from the leading sugar mills in Brazil and India. This sugar is never adulterated and has no additives as it makes it to our refinery in Thailand.

Our bulk sugar for sale comes from sustainably operated sugarcane mills. We are committed to hand-picking producers that are using efficient processes and recycling practices within their facilities to maximize the smart use of resources. Reduced waste and environmental impact have always been a major part of Wholesale Sugar Supplier’s philosophy.

Consistent supply of the highest-quality sugar

When you order sugar wholesale at Wholesale sugar suppliers, you are safe in the knowledge your jumbo bags will be there on time. Our supply chain processes can withstand the effects of any disruptions to provide an uninterrupted supply of sugar. Our logistics managers oversee the entire distribution process to accompany the movement of our products from their sources to your facilities.

Our shipment, storage, and production capabilities ensure consistency in all deliveries. We can refine and handle 11,000MT of sugarcane per day to keep up with increased demand and meet your business needs. Shipments can be quickly arranged to a port city that’s nearest to you, with minimized interventions along the way.

The best price of sugar in bulk

Premium-quality refined sugar doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Thanks to the optimized supply chain processes, fair trade practices, and efficient production, we can set the lowest sugar wholesale price for white and brown sugar. Our team carefully controls logistics coordination so that it doesn’t take its toll on the cost of our products.

Volume discounts apply to all quotes when you buy sugar in bulk. That means you’ll need to pay way less for 1 KG of refined sugar if you go for a 2,000-KG jumbo bag than if you order 10 KG. You can find all volume and packaging options as you explore our products.

Feel free to request a call back to discuss the availability of our products and prices. It only takes a short form to fill in to get a quote and talk through the details of shipping sugar to your destination.

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Our Specialty

Wholesale Sugar Suppliers offers a wide range of refined sugar for direct food use including brown (Icumsa 600 & 1200), fair-trade, no broker commission, most direct shipment, no cross-stuffing. contact your local market representative for more details and specific availability within your region.

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