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With a production capacity of 11,000MT cane per day located in Buriram, Thailand, working in partnership with Top Indian and Brazilian sugar mills.

Thailand’s biggest sugar producer Chamni Sugar Factory Co., Ltd. established in 2008, and proud to say we’re ranked as one of the largest with the highest permission exporter quota company. Chamni Sugar Factory Co., Ltd. is your reliable local supplier of Raw, Fine, and Extra Fine sugar in bulk quantity to over 50 port cities wordwide.

Chani Sugar Factory has made remarkable progress to achieve the status of being one of the largest standalone sugar refineries in the region. Chamni’s goal is to deliver superior quality sugar, at the most competitive market prices while the sales team will be providing you with exceptional logistics assistant.

As part of the youth of this country, we strive to be driven, attentive, and innovative, and always deliver excellence. We also conduct ourselves with a policy of utmost good faith and as a result, we are determined to provide our clients with the best solution for their business.

Whole sale sugar suppliers


Extensive trading and risk management expertise, experience across commodities, proximity to producers, and strong analytics to support our business partners.


Our talented team and their commitment to deliver on what we promise aligned with our customer with high expectations.

Product Quality

Our access to the world best-in-class sugar producers to provide a full range of sugar qualities with privileged access to very high quality sugar.

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